AQUARIUS ~ Major luck & money coming your way.. this is BIG ! ~ May 2021 tarot reading

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This is a weekly check-in #tarot
reading for mid May 2021 , for #Aquarius sun , Aquarius moon , Aquarius rising & Venus.

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My name is Kim and I'm an intuitive tarot reader from Montreal, Canada.
I use tarot to help you reflect, my goal is not to predict. If it happens, good.
But please remember to seek professional help if needed.
It's a pleasure for me to bring these messages to you. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't.
Remember tarot should be FUN. Keep an open mind and don't forget that YOU are in control of your life.

Find me on Instagram @thebirthofvenustarot


The gold Botticelli tarot deck:

Moonology oracle deck:

The borderless Smith-Waite tarot deck:

The Romantic Angels Oracle (small shiny edition) :

*Legal Disclaimer*
My readings are for entertainment only and should never be used for medical advice. Remember you have free will .The tarot shouldn't be used for any medical & financial advice. This is energy, and it might not always be accurate.

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