Andrew Hulshult - World Spear (DOOM Eternal: TAG P2 - Gamerip V3)

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Live Free or Gamerip (Gamerip 4.0)
The glorious Deathfuck Heavy Combat theme with two minutes of introductory ambience. Don't worry, the rest is pure blood-evaporating adrenaline. If you can't stand 2 minutes of comfy ambience then that's on you fam.
I wanna bash my past self's head with the Crucible for not doing this sooner.

Get DOOM Eternal here:

Get the DLC here:

By the way, give Andrew Hulshult some love on his Bandcamp.
If you like DUSK and Amid Evil's music as well, then feel free to toss a coin!

The music itself belongs to Bethesda Softworks, id Software and Andrew Hulshult.

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