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How to unlock all of the NEW SEASON 3 INTEL in Cold War Zombies Outbreak.

Playlist with all of the Intel so far:

0:00 Intel Explained
0:23 Requiem and Omega Documents Explained
0:35 Dark Aether Radios, Documents and Audio Logs
0:47 Ruka: Requiem Radio Transmission
1:07 Ruka: Omega Radio Transmission
1:20 Ruka: Omega Audio Logs
1:36 Ruka: Omega Artifacts
1:59 Golova: Requiem Radio Transmission
2:15 Golova: Omega Radio Transmission
2:37 Golova: Maxis Audio Logs
3:21 Golova: Maxis Artifacts
4:02 Sanatorium: Requiem Radio Transmission
4:20 Sanatorium: Omega Radio Transmission
4:38 Sanatorium: Omega Audio Logs
5:08 Sanatorium: Requiem Artifacts
5:40 Sanatorium: Omega Artifacts
6:01 Sanatorium: Maxis Artifacts
6:19 Sanatorium: Dark Aether Artifacts
6:36 Duga: Requiem Radio Transmission
6:59 Duga: Omega Radio Transmission
7:17 Duga: Requiem Audio Logs
7:57 Duga: Omega Audio Logs
8:42 Duga: Maxis Audio Logs
9:40 Duga: Requiem Artifacts
9:55 Duga: Omega Artifacts
10:18 Duga: Maxis Artifacts
10:51 Duga: Dark Aether Artifacts
11:24 Alpine: Requiem Radio Transmission
11:38 Alpine: Omega Radio Transmission
11:56 Alpine: Requiem Audio Logs
12:19 Alpine: Dark Aether Artifacts
12:38 Onslaught: Map Yamantau

Reddit post with Season 3 Intel:


►Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide:

►Die Maschine Easter Egg Guide:



Thumbnail renders by Jr Rizzo:

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I've been making guides for Call of Duty zombies since 2017. With the release of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, I'll continue making high-quality videos for Treyarch's Zombies mode. Be sure to subscribe for no-nonsense guides about all things zombies-related.

You can expect Solo Easter Eggs Guides, Trophy Guides, Strategies, and many other things on this channel.

Thanks for watching ✌️

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