AliPearl Honey Blonde #27 Wig Review | Got2B Freeze Spray Install #AliPearlHair #Wigs

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Thank you all for tuning in and watching my lil review and install on #AliPearlHair. Let me know what you think of the hair in the comment box down below. If you’re like me, you have been seeing AliPearl everywhere so I hope this video helps anyone contemplating purchasing from them.

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Wig Details: 00:15
Pros & Cons: 3:30
Wig Install: 6:15
Final Thoughts: 11mins

Wig Specs: Honey Blonde #27; Human Hair; 20"; 150% density; Hair Wavy Straight; $240.00 (you are able to buy now pay later through third-party apps)

Music: Yeah You (Thinking About You) by King Sis Epidemic Sound

Thanks for watching & showing this prissy girl nothing but love and support y'all.

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