#81 Robert Mitchell | Apex Nuerburg and running supercars only at the 'Ring | Car Chat Podcast

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Robert (@Robert Mitchell) is the owner of Apex Nuerburg, a rental car company and experience centre based at the Nurburgring. He's an interesting guy who pretty much only drives his supercars on the Nurburgring. We have a long discussion about business, renting cars at the ring and what it's like to run the cars that he does.


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Show Notes:

00:00 = Intro + Backstory + America
17:58 = Over to Germany
19:28 = Mitchell Consulting
26:15 = Finding the Nurburgring
30:36 = A business at the 'Ring
33:51 = The first rental car
39:55 = What is it like running cars only on the 'Ring?
43:10 = Porsche vs Ferrari vs McLaren running costs
48:24 = Current cars...
53:36 = Introduction to Schirmer builds and the BMW collection
1:01:32 = How much have you had to adjust the Supercars for Nurburgring life
1:07:04 = The 620r and why it was nearly amazing but not quite
1:13:45 = 'Ring Taxis + Manthey Racing
1:30:25 = High speed runs, world records and SSC Tuatara
1:42:02 = How do we define a production car
2:01:10 = My track car dilemma
2:14:30 = 5 Questions

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