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1. Hermann Göring surrendered to US troops of the 36th Infantry division and being stripped of his side arm. Surprisingly he seems to carry a S&W Military & Police K.38 revolver , I'd have expected a Walther PPK or similar. The revolver I read is now on display at the West point Museum.
2. An American soldier slept on a pile of rocks during the drive towards Rome, 1944
3. American patrol in Ardennes forest 1944.
4. Russian civilians digging anti-tank ditches near Moscow in 1941. With virtually every male between 16 and 50 drafted these work forces were predominantly female.
5. Transparent nose cones for A-20 bombers at the Douglas Aircraft Company’s factory in Long Beach, California. 1942.
6. Paratroops landing during Operation Market Garden by the 1st Allied Airborne Army in September of 1944
7. Japanese Nakajima B6N ‘Tenzan’ torpedeo bomber on the attack, explodes from a direct hit by the USS Yorktown-1943
8. A Russian farmer and his family stop to thank a Soviet tank crew for their service
9. Men of the 36th Infantry Division enjoying a sip of Coca-Cola somewhere in the muddy mountains of Italy.
10. GIs advance through waist deep swamps in the Philippines.
11. German 8,8-cm-FlaK used as anti tank cannon. Africa, colorized
12. Germans raising the swastika on the Acropolis, 27th of April, 1941.
13. Boxer Max Schmeling during his service with the Luftwaffe as a Fallschirmjäger, he was wounded by shrapnel during the Battle of Crete and was deemed physically unfit for further military service. He passed away in 2005 at age 99.
14. Paratrooper of the 101st Airborne enjoying some French wine and cheese.
15. A C-47 over the pyramids. It was transporting supplies for the troops in Tobruk. 1942, colorized
16. On D day Private John Marvin Steele was the American paratrooper who landed on the pinnacle of the church tower in Sainte-Mère-Église
17. 775 confirmed kills in one picture, 1945
18. Major Allison Digby Tatham-Warter was famed for carrying an umbrella into battle.He later disabled a German armoured car with his umbrella, incapacitating the driver by shoving the umbrella through the car's observational slit and poking the driver in the eye.
19. 'See ya later Adolf!' American soldier of the 87th infantry division in Koblenz, Germany, march 1945.
20. Final resting place of an “Unknown English Soldier” near Arnhem Bridge, 1945.
21. Italian partisans in the mountains of Piedmont, 1944
22. Heavily armed German Soldiers in winter uniform. MG42 needs 3 soldiers to operate. The one who fires, one who carries ammo and one who carries barrels. Due to the high rate of fire they had to change the barrels because they got too hot so one guy had to carry 2-3 barrels.
23. Soviet Soldier 1944, Armed to the teeth. You know you're a badass when you holster your revolver using an ammo belt
25. Mounted Beach Patrol of the United States Coast Guard armed with shotguns patrol the East Coast while on the lookout for suspicious activities and U-Boat sightings; Indian River Lagoon, eastern Florida, 1943
26. Heavy flack artillery in firing position in Dijon
27. The famous Memphis Belle as she now sits at the USAF Museum. I took this picture during my last visit in summer 2018.
28. A Japanese prisoner captured near Nauro on the Kokoda Track, New Guinea, being cared for by Australian stretcher bearers. He had been overworked and was near starving when taken prisoner. Papua New Guinea, October 1942. Colour: Benjamin Thomas.
29. US Marines receive close air support from F4U Corsairs
30. One of the abandoned Japanese Type 96 25mm AA guns overlooking Babeldaob Island, Palau
31. Panzer VI 'Tiger I' (211) of 2./s.Pz.Abt. 503 during 'Unternehmen Zitadelle' in the Belgorod area of Russia. Early August 1943, colorized
32. Jeep modified with a twin Bazooka mount, somewhere during the drive into Germany.
33. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini during a visit to the troops in Ukraine, Eastern front 1941.
34. Heinkel He-162 “Volksjäger”, propelled by a turbo-jet
35. Soldiers in the Stalingrad trenches...
36. Weary looking GIs somewhere in the Pacific
37. MG-34 machine gun crew of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte take cover under a rail car during the battle of Mariupol, Oct 1941.
38. US soldiers from the 89th Infantry division hunker down in a DUKW vehicle while crossing the river Rhine, March 1945.
39. German sniper squads with scoped G43 rifles of the Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1.
40. Flamepanzer III in Action, Winter 1942
41. Finnish Soldier during the Continuation War
42. MG34 crew in action
43. 88mm Flak gun in action
44. 24 cm Theodor Kanone (E) firing during the Battle of France as it supports German army crossing the Rhine river. 1940.
45. Australian anti-tank gun crew during the Malaya campaign, with Japanese tanks brewing up in the background. 1941.
46. Members of the Maori Battalion who had fought in Greece, performing a haka for the King of Greece at Helwan, Egypt, 24 June, 1941

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