#1 Meta Loadout in Season 3 Warzone Ak 47 Cold war & M82 | Warzone Tips by P4wnyhof #warzoneloadouts

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0:00 Intro #1 Meta Loadout
0:26 Why is the Ak47 the best!
1:30 Sniper Support Class Setup
2:56 M82 Class Setup
4:00 Ak47 in the current meta
5:00 Found a Rare Unicorn
5:45 Boop
6:10 Burn baby Burn
6:20 Boop #2
6:36 Window Timmy
7:10 Boop #3
8:20 Scotty Doesnt Know
9:05 Sniper Showdown
9:40 Good old SWITCHEROOOO
10:30 Sniper Timmy
11:00 Big Bertha is OPI
12:00 Tactical Endgame Plays

#1 Meta Loadout in Season 3 Warzone Ak 47 Cold war & M82 | Warzone Tips by P4wnyhof #warzoneloadouts

P4wnyhof plays presents you the #1 Meta Loadout Warzone currently being ak 47 cold war absolute sniper support monster beamer that just claps everyone left and right and is absolutely unchallenged! Insane time to kill great stability good long range beaming and more! Dangerous lethal madness gun this ak 47 class setup is going to dominate the ak 47 cold war warzone is a menace

Easy to handle and great fun with the warzone meta loadout!

Enjoy this best loadouts warzone video best class setup warzone cod br with p4wny presenting you another reacting to warzone gameplay!
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